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mHeart was designed on the principles of streamlining access to care; reducing the cost of care for patients, insurers, and healthcare systems; reducing medical errors; and improving patient satisfaction; while providing a revenue stream for physicians who can offer continuity of care through remote monitoring of chronic diseases and mobile triage during episodes of chest discomfort.

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Who is mHeart ideal for?

mHeart is ideal for patients at risk for heart disease; patients who have had a prior heart attack, coronary stent or bypass surgery; and those patients with recurrent non-cardiac pain whose anxiety sends them to the ER.

How does mHeart work?

Patients would be prescribed mHeart by their cardiologist and enrolled on the platform. If the patient has chest pain, the mHeart app becomes a mobile triage platform capturing information allowing mHeart to accurately guide a patient towards next steps. Visit Our Mission to learn more. 

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